Through the decades, Herculean physiques have entertained us on the silver screen. We have watched with amazement and awe as these larger than life box office heroes have used their super human strength to out muscle villains and conquer all that stood in their path. The film industry has inspired and motivated generations of moviegoers with the sheer determination and will to take up bodybuilding in hopes of creating physiques similar to these action stars. Here we present a few of the more notable actors who have captivated our imagination and given us a sense of invincibility through the magic of Hollywood.

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A 5 time Olympic gold medalist in swimming, Johnny Weissmuller broke three records at the 1924 Olympics in Paris, and was the world's greatest swimmer after turning professional.  Born on June 2, 1904 in Timisoara, Romania he is best known for his role as Tarzan (1930-40’s), and although other Tarzans existed before and after Johnny, none were as popular with the movie-going public. Tall and handsome, Johnny was the perfect star of the Depression era, when people needed a hero to look towards for encouragement. With his charm and talent Johnny Weissmuller would remain an American favorite for many more years to come.




Burton Stephen "Burt" Lancaster (born November 2, 1913) was an American film actor noted for his athletic physique and distinctive smile (which he called "The Grin"). Later he took roles that went against his initial "tough guy" image. In the late 1950s Lancaster abandoned his "all-American" image and came to be regarded as one of the best actors of his generation. Lancaster was nominated four times for Academy Awards and won once — for his work in Elmer Gantry in 1960. He also won a Golden Globe for that performance and BAFTA Awards for The Birdman of Alcatraz (1962) and Atlantic City (1980). His production company, Hecht-Hill-Lancaster, was the most successful and innovative star-driven independent production company in Hollywood of the 1950s, making movies such as Marty (1955), Trapeze (1956), and Sweet Smell of Success (1957). Lancaster also directed two films: The Kentuckian (1955) and The Midnight Man (1974). During World War II, Lancaster joined the United States Army and performed with the Army's Twenty-First Special Services Division (one of the military groups organized to follow the troops on the ground and provide USO entertainment to keep up morale). He served with General Mark Clark's Fifth Army in Italy from 1943–1945.




Born on April 6, 1930 in Montreal, Canada, Samuel Berg went from being a local wrestler and muscleman to screen stardom in both Hollywood and Italy with films such as The Three Stooges Meet Hercules (1962)and Vengeance of Ursus (1961).  Burke is one of the larger sword and sandal actors, standing 6'4" and weighing 245 lbs.  A former bodybuilder, Burke once came in third for the title of Mr. Muscle Beach in 1957.  He was a professional wrestler who narrowly lost the world title four times.




Brad Harris was born in St. Anthony, Idaho, on July 16, 1933. His film debut was Monkey on My Back in 1957.  He would later move to Italy to star in such films as, The Fury of Hercules (1962), Goliath against the Giants (1961), and Spy Today, Die Tomorrow.  Brad Harris has served as actor, screenwriter, and producer for a number of films during his career.  Harris has also headed his own production company, Three Star Films, including distribution and foreign sales in Rome, Italy.  In addition, he has acted as creative consultant for various German film companies.




Gordon Scott was born Gordon Weschkul in Portland, Oregon on August 3, 1927.  In 1953, while working as a Las Vegas lifeguard, he was spotted by a pair of Hollywood agents who introduced him and his muscular biceps to Sol Lesser, who had already conducted 200 tests in search of a new Tarzan.  The producer gave him a seven-year contract and a new last name. His three MGM Tarzan’s were run-of-the mill, but his two for Sy Weintraub, through Paramount, marked a rebirth of the Tarzan character.  The movies were well received and helped Scott move on to a number of Italian strongman spectaculars and spaghetti westerns.  In 1961 Scott became a European sensation when he took Steve Reeves advice and moved to Italy to co-star with Steve in the gladiator epic Duel of the Titans.




Thomas Sean Connery was born on August 25, 1930 in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh. He is a Scottish actor and producer who has won an Academy Award, two BAFTA Awards (one of them being a BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award) and three Golden Globes. Connery is best-known for portraying the character James Bond, starring in seven Bond films between 1962 and 1983 (six "official" EON productions films and the non-official Kevin McClory-helmed Thunderball remake, Never Say Never Again). In 1988, Connery won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Untouchables. His film career also includes such films as Marine. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Hunt for Red October, Highlander, Murder on the Orient Express, Drangonheart, and The Rock. Connery has been polled as "The Greatest Living Scot.” He was knighted in July 2000. In 1989, he was proclaimed "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine, and in 1999, at age 69, he was voted "Sexiest Man of the Century." In tribute a bronze bust sculpture of Connery was placed in the capital city of Estonia.




Born Adriano Bellini in Venice, Italy, in 1938, Kirk "Kirky" Morris worked as a gondolier in his native city beginning in his teens. Spotted for films by an Italian producer, Morris went to Rome in 1960 to begin a film career. Throughout his career which lasted about ten years, Kirk Morris starred in a number of sword and sandal films, such as Colossus and the Headhunters, which Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans will recall from season six. One of Morris's best films is the unusual The Witch's Curse (1962). He portrayed Hercules at least three times on screen, most notably in 1965's Hercules, Samson, and Ulysses with also features Richard Lloyd as Samson. After the peplum craze died out in the mid 1960s, Morris's acting career began to slide. He made fewer films after 1965, starring in a couple of westerns and war films before leaving the screen in 1970.




Alan Steel was born Sergio Ciani in Rome, Italy, on September 7, 1935. While many Hercules actors were American bodybuilders, the handsome Steel began his acting career as a stand-in for Steve Reeves and later played second banana to such sword and sandal actors as Brad Harris. However, by 1964 Steel was starring in such peplums as Hercules Against Rome (1964). Another starring vehicle for Steel, Hercules Against the Moon Men (1964) is one of a handful of sword and sandal movies to incorporate science fiction into the sword and sandal genre. Reg Park's Hercules in the Haunted World (1961; with Christopher Lee) and Gordon Mitchell's The Giant of Metropolis (1961) also blend sci-fi with sword and sandal. Today, the big claim to fame for Hercules Against the Moon Men is that the film was featured in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in 1992.




Gordon Mitchell was born Charles Pendleton on July 29, 1923, in Denver, Colorado. Upon his parents' divorce, his mother packed up the family and moved to Inglewood, California, where Mitchell spent his youth. He was called to duty during World War II and, unfortunately, became a prisoner of war. When he was released after the war, he completed college studies in anatomy, biology, and physiology. He used his degree to become a high school teacher who, among other things, taught handicapped students and juvenile delinquents. According to Mitchell, "I was given all the rough kids because of my physique. Wherever there were rowdies, I was called in.” Gordon Mitchell found cinema fame starring in Italian movies throughout the 60’s.  Gordon’s most notable films include Atlas Against The Cyclops and The Giant Of Metropolis.




Peter Lupus was born on June 17, 1932 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The 6’4’’ multi-title physique champion made his film debut as bodybuilder Flex Martian in the Frankie Avalon surf flick Muscle Beach Party before going to Italy to star in a string of hits such as Goliath at the Conquest of Damascus (1964) and Challenge of the Gladiator (1965).  In the later half of the 60’s Peter moved to the small screen to star alongside Peter Graves in the popular TV series Mission Impossible.




Bodybuilder and actor Reg Lewis was born in Niles, California, on January 23, 1936.  He began bodybuilding at a young age, winning his first title at age 17.  Reg Lewis jump-started his film career with the assistance of Mae West. In 1954, Miss West enlisted a gym-full of bodybuilders and took them and her act on a tour of nightclubs to various cities across the nation.  Lewis often acted as escort for Mae West, taking her to film premiers, nightclub openings, and other high profile events throughout the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.  Reg, who made just a few films, had a starring role in the 1962 feature Fire Monsters against the Son of Hercules.  He also appeared in the 1967 hit, Don’t Make Waves, which starred actors Tony Curtis and Sharon Tate.




From the West Indies, Paul Wynter was a Mr. Europe and a two-time Mr. Universe (1958 and 1963).  In his day, the 5’8’’ tall Wynter was one of the most symmetrical bodybuilders in the world.  He appeared in only a few sword and sandal films, such as Maciste, The Strongest Man in the World and Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops.  Wynter also acted in a number of French comedies.




Reg Park was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England on June 7, 1928.  The future Italian epic star was registered as Roy Park in 1928, but little Reg was soon Re-named after his father Reginald Park Sr., a well-known gymnasium proprietor in Leeds and owner of the Reg Park Barbell Company.  Reg Jr. played reserve team football for Leeds United before turning to bodybuilding in 1946.  He finished Mr. Universe runner-up to future film rival Steve Reeves in 1950, then won the title outright in 1951, 1958 and 1965.  After marrying South African-born Mareon Isaacs in Johannesburg in 1952, the Parks moved permanently to South Africa where Reg ran a chain of fitness studios.  In December 1960 he was invited to Rome to star in two back-to-back Hercules movies, _Ercole alla conquista di Atlantide(1961)_ followed immediately by Ercole al centro della terra(1961).  Since these were directed by intellectually acclaimed veterans Vittorio Cottafavi and Mario Bava, Reg Park himself became something of a cult personality in the Italian epic genre.  His friend and protege Arnold Schwarzenegger considered Park to be the best of the Herculean heroes.  Three more sword-and-sandals followed, including Maciste nelle miniere di re Salomone (1964) which, handily for Park, was filmed on location in South Africa.  He was Arnold Schwarzenegger's bodybuilding inspiration.  Arnold trained with him in the late 60’s and actually lived with him and his family for a time in their home in South Africa.  It was Reg who urged Arnold into a movie career by advising him to take the Hercules in New York film role as a moneymaking proposition.




Born on January 6, 1926 in Budapest, Hungary, Mickey Hargitay was part of the popular Mae West Review Show together with other famous musclemen such as Reg Lewis, Brad Harris and Gordon Mitchell.  Hargitay would go on to marry Hollywood Siren, Jayne Mansfield, starring with her in The Loves of Hercules (1960).  Inspired to bodybuilding after seeing a magazine cover of Steve (Hercules) Reeves, Mickey won the "Mr. Universe" competition in 1955 and later appeared as Hercules himself in the Italian film The Loves of Hercules co-starring then-wife Jayne Mansfield.  While Mickey was posing in Mae West's popular revue at New York's Latin Quarter, Jayne Mansfield happened to catch the show.  When her dinner companion asked her what she wanted that evening, she quipped, ‘I'll have a steak and the man on the left’.  The elderly Ms. West, never to be outdone in the vanity department, tried to break up the attention-grabbing couple but failed.  They married two years later in what would become the most publicized marriage in Hollywood history.  In 1982, Arnold Schwarzenegger played Mickey in the TV-movie The Jayne Mansfield Story, while Loni Anderson played Ms. Mansfield.




Born in Montana on January 21, 1926, actor and bodybuilder Steve Reeves moved to California at the age of ten with his widowed mother.  He cultivated an interest in bodybuilding while in his early teens and by the time he was 17 years old had developed quite a Herculean physique.  After graduating high school, Reeves entered the Army during the latter days of World War II.  Upon his release, Reeves decided to enter bodybuilding contest and soon was winning every contest in town.  In 1947 he won the Mr. America title, the following year became Mr. World, and in 1950 won the tile of Mr. Universe, beating Reg Park.  In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s Steve Reeves made a number of local and national television appearances, with guest roles on such shows as Topper, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, and The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show.  Reeves would go on to star in a string of box office hits.  After brief appearances in Athena (1954) and Jail Bait (1954), Reeves won the roles of Hercules (1958) and Hercules Unchained (1959) becoming an internationally acclaimed movie star.  For the next ten years Reeves would star in many more hits such as Goliath and the Barbarians (1959),  Giant of Marathon (1959), The Thief of Baghdad (1960), Morgan the Pirate (1961), and The Long Ride From Hell (1968).




Born May 30, 1927, in Hartford, Illinois. Clint’s size, physique and good looks would serve him well in Hollywood and that he should go to Los Angeles and give it a try. He met actor Henry Wilcoxon, who introduced him to director Cecil B. DeMille, and Walker found himself playing the part of a Captain of the Guard in The Ten Commandments (1956). Someone from Warner Bros. saw the film, found out that Walker was under contract to producer Hal B. Wallis, bought up Walker's contract and gave him the lead in "Cheyenne." The series was a huge hit and spawned countless other western series, from Warners and other studios. However, Walker was dissatisfied with the way Warners was handling his career -- they would let other of their contract players make films, for example, but he wasn't allowed to -- and that triggered a dispute which ended up with him taking a walk from the show. He and Warners eventually settled their disagreements. When the show ended Walker began to get supporting parts in features, his biggest and most successful one being The Dirty Dozen (1967). He starred in the well-received The Night of the Grizzly (1966) and the not-so-well received None But the Brave (1965), a WW2 film that was Frank Sinatra's one and only stab at directing. He also played the lead in Baker's Hawk (1976), and turned in a good performance as a villain in the TV movie Scream of the Wolf (1974) (TV).




Biker, bare-knuckle brawler, cowboy, Bee-Girl fighter, vampire hunter . . . William Smith has done it all. He was born on March 24, 1934, in Columbia, Missouri, on Rolling Acres, a Hereford cattle ranch. After losing everything to the dust bowl, the family moved to California. From 1942, when he was eight, through young adulthood, Bill appeared in many movies as an extra (uncredited). After high school, he joined the Air Force and served during the Korean War and flew secret ferret missions over Russia while in the NSA. He studied at the University of Munich, and Syracuse University. He graduated cum laude at UCLA. Bill would go on to become one of Hollywood's best-known character actors, with over 300 TV and movie credits. On TV he played in many westerns (did his own horseback riding), cop and sci-fi shows. He's best remembered for appearing in Batman (1966) as, appropriately, Adonis in the last episode. He was a series regular in Hawaii Five-O (1968), where he played Det. James "Kimo" Carew (the episode with Cathy Lee Crosby, "The Kahuna," drew particularly high ratings). On the big screen, Bill is legendary for biker flicks (he does his own motorcycle riding). His first biker flick, Run, Angel, Run!, (1969), was shot in 13 days for under $100,000--and made $13 million! This was followed by Angels Die Hard (1970). These early, ground-breaking features defined the genre, and would be imitated endlessly (but never duplicated). In the early 1970s, Bill got into horror films--playing a vampire slayer in Grave of the Vampire (1974)--and science fiction, in the camp classic Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973), where he fought killer insect-women wearing sunglasses. Just about everybody's favorite William Smith movie, though, is Any Which Way You Can (1980), where as a bare-knuckle brawler he had a knock-down, drag-out fight with Clint Eastwood that wrecked about half the town. Tougher than Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill played his dad in Conan the Barbarian (1982), and was one of the few actors in the wildly popular, but critically lambasted, youth-oriented Red Dawn (1984) to receive any recognition from critics. He was in what could be called a textbook example of low-budget, campy sci-fi, Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988). Just about everybody who has ever worked with Bill speaks highly of him. He's educated, intelligent and energetic.




Born Lou Degni in Brooklyn, New York in January 1933, Mark Forest began bodybuilding at the age of 13 after being inspired by physical culture magazines.  Later, Forest and his brother worked with the physically handicapped by developing exercise programs for them.  Forest won the title of "Mr. Venice Beach" in 1954, and he came in second in the "Mr. Muscle Beach" competition during the same year.  Forest was the second American actor after Steve Reeves to be recruited by Italian producers to star in sword and sandal films.  Mark is a third-generation Italian-American, and some of his films were made in Naples, Italy, the area from which his grandparents came.  With an acting style more relaxed than that of Steve Reeves or Reg Park, Forest seemed to glide through his portrayals of muscle-packed heroes.




Born in New Jersey in April 1942, Dave Draper, a 1965 Mr. America, 1966 Mr. Universe, and 1970 Mr. World, made several film and TV appearances in the 1960s, including Don’t Make Waves (1967; with Tony Curtis) and the entertainingly gruesome black comedy Lord Love a Duck (1966; with Roddy McDowell).  Also he made a 1967 appearance as Mr. Universe on the CBS-TV show the Beverly Hillbillies.  Although Dave Draper never acted in a sword and sandal film, he was billed as host David the Gladiator, on a Saturday night TV program, which showed films starring Steve Reeves, Reg Park, Kirk Morris, among others.  The Blond Bomber eventually left acting for business endeavors and is presently the owner of a World Gym in Santa Cruz, California.




Born in Guadeloupe in 1939, Serge Nubret moved to Paris in the 1950s and discovered bodybuilding. Nubret has won the titles Mr. Europe (1966), Mr. Universe (1976), and Mr. World (1977). He also came in third place in the 1973 Mr. Olympia competition and came in second in 1975, bested only by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In addition, Nubret was once the Europe Director of the International Federation of Bodybuilding. In addition to his athletic accomplishments, Serge Nubret also acted in several films in the 1960’s including The Titans (1962), Arrow of the Avenger (1963), and Thirteen Days to Die (1965).




Bruce Lee was a Chinese American and Hong Kong actor, martial arts instructor, philosopher, film director, film producer, screenwriter, and founder of the Jeet Kune Do martial arts movement. He is widely considered by many commentators and other martial artists to be the most influential martial artist of modern times, and a cultural icon. Lee was born Lee Jun-fan; on November 27, 1940, in San Francisco, California, to parents of Hong Kong heritage but raised in Hong Kong until his late teens. Upon reaching the age of 18, Lee immigrated to the United States to claim his U.S. citizenship and receive his higher education. It was during this time he began teaching martial arts, which soon led to film and television roles. Lee's father Lee Hoi-chuen was a famous Cantonese opera star; because of this, Lee was introduced into films at a very young age and appeared in several short black-and-white films as a child. His Hong Kong and Hollywood-produced films elevated the traditional Hong Kong martial arts film to a new level of popularity and acclaim, and sparked a major surge of interest in Chinese martial arts in the West in the 1970s. The direction and tone of his films changed and influenced martial arts and martial arts films in Hong Kong and the rest of the world as well. He is noted for his roles in five feature-length films, Lo Wei's The Big Boss (1971) and Fist of Fury (1972); Way of the Dragon (1972), directed and written by Lee; Warner Brothers' Enter the Dragon (1973), directed by Robert Clouse; and The Game of Death (1978), directed by Robert Clouse posthumously.




Bolo Yeung was born in Canton, China on July 3, 1946. He began his martial arts training at the age of ten. Growing up he took an interest in bodybuilding. Later he became known as the Chinese Hercules, after becoming the Mr. Hong Kong bodybuilding champion. He held the title for ten years. Because of his impressively muscular physique he was chosen for several bad guy movie roles, with which his first big break came alongside the legendary Bruce Lee in the 1973 movie Enter the Dragon, where he played the role of 'Bolo.' Bruce and Bolo were really close friends. Since then, Bolo Yeung has appeared in countless martial arts movies, including Bloodsport and Double Impact, with "The Muscles from Brussels"-Jean-Claude Van Damme. Bolo still looks great and trains regularly at his local gym. Martial Arts and bodybuilding has been and is an integral part of his life and career.




Born January 29, 1948 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.Marc Singer saw a production of the William Shakespear's "Richard III" with Sir Laurence Olivier that his dad took him to see as a boy, which made a lasting impression, though he didn't start acting himself until a teacher recruited him to fill a suddenly vacant role in his junior year of high school. However, as the son of musicians, Marc acknowledges, "Performing is in our blood." Of the four Singer children, oldest brother Claude is the only non-performer. The three boys were hell raisers, but Marc says sister Lori Singer held her own. "She's an amazing girl and we're very close," he adds. Marc, who has fond memories of his childhood, was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, lived briefly in New York and grew up in Corpus Christi, TX, and in Oregon before going to college in the Midwest and Washington state. "I've got a lot from each city which I've lived in," he observes. In Seattle, he met his future wife, Hawaiian-born actress Haunani Minn. They live a California casual lifestyle, and Marc enjoys running, sailing, martial arts, boxing, skiing, and motorcycling in his spare time, as well as playing some Western classical piano every day. Singer has appeared in several fantasy adventure films and series, such as The Beastmaster and its sequels, in which he played the title role, and as Mike Donovan in the 1983 mini-series V, the 1984 sequel V: The Final Battle, and the TV series V: The Series.




Lou Ferrigno was born in Brooklyn on November 9, 1952.  An Internationally famous and well-respected bodybuilder / actor he first appeared on TV screens in 1977 as the muscle bound Incredible Hulk, the alter ego of meek scientist David Banner.   As a child Lou suffered from an ear infection causing him partial hearing loss.  Undeterred by what some may have perceived as a disadvantage, Lou threw himself into sports (predominantly weightlifting & bodybuilding) and at the age of 21 he won his first Mr.  Universe title, and then for good measure, he came back and won it again the following year!  Lou also played professional football in the Canadian Football League, before coming to the attention of producer Kenneth Johnson who was seeking just the right person to portray onscreen the comic book super hero, The Incredible Hulk.  With his 6' 5" and 285 lb. frame, Lou was the biggest professional bodybuilder of the time, and had recently starred in the must see bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron (1977). He successfully auditioned for the part of the green skinned Goliath, and it is the role with which he is most closely identified.  The Hulk was a huge ratings success, and spawned several telemovies after the initial TV series completed its run.  Lou continued to remain busy in films and TV with appearances often centered around his remarkable physique....these included key roles in Hercules (1983), Cage (1989), Sinbad of the Seven Seas (1989), and Frogtown II (1993).  In 1997, Lou was featured as himself in the dynamic documentary Stand Tall which was about his sensational return to professional bodybuilding at age.  The documentary detailed how he returned to compete in the Masters category of the Mr. Olympia contest against several familiar bodybuilding foes.




From rags to riches, Sylvester Stallone who was born on July 6, 1946 in New York has certainly lived the American dream. Sylvester Stallone has established worldwide recognition as an actor, writer and director since he played the title role in his own screenplay of Rocky which won the Academy Award in 1976 for Best Picture.  Prizefighter Rocky Balboa was born and given life in a script Stallone wrote in longhand.  Several producers offered to buy the screenplay, wanting to cast a name star in the title role, which Stallone insisted on playing himself.  Although his bank balance was barely $100, Stallone held fast with his perseverance finally paying off in a big way.  Stallone's credits as actor/writer/director are Rocky II and Paradise Alley.  As actor and co-writer, Stallone filmed F.I.S.T., First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rhinestone and Rambo III.  He co-wrote, directed and produced Staying Alive and starred in Nighthawks, Victory, Tango & Cash and Lock Up.  Rocky V, starring and written by Stallone and directed by John Avildsen, opened in 1990.  In addition, Stallone has also starred in Demolition Man, which set box-office records for its Fall 1993 release.  He also starred in the films The Specialist, co-starring Sharon Stone; in Assassins, and in Daylight.  In 2002, Stallone was honored by the Video Dealers Software Association when he was presented with the "Action Star of the Millennium Award" at the organization's 21st annual convention. Stallone's film Rocky was inducted into the National Film Registry as well as having its film props placed in the Smithsonian Museum. Stallone's use of the front entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the Rocky series led the area to be nicknamed the Rocky Steps. Philadelphia has a statue of his Rocky character placed permanently near the museum, on the right side before the steps. It was announced on December 7, 2010 that Stallone was voted into boxing's Hall of Fame. Stallone made a comeback in 2006 with the sixth installment of his successful Rocky series, Rocky Balboa, which was a critical and commercial hit.  His performance in Rocky Balboa has been praised and garnered mostly positive reviews. Stallone's fourth installment of his other successful movie franchise was Rambo, with the sequel being titled simply Rambo. Asked in February 2008 which of the icons he would rather be remembered for, Stallone said "it's a tough one, but Rocky is my first baby, so Rocky."




Carl Weathers was born on January 14, 1948, in New Orleans, Louisiana. A famous and professionally successful football star at San Diego State (playing with the Oakland Raiders), he retired from the sport in 1974, in order to give full attention to his goal: to be a real actor. Weathers first played small parts in two flicks, Friday Foster (1975) and Bucktown (1975), both directed by Arthur Marks. But his first real success came the following year when producers Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff chose him to play Apollo Creed in the highly seen and applauded blockbuster movie Rocky (1976). He went on to play Apollo Creed in three other Rocky movies, and the characters' adversarial relationship eventually became warm friendship.




Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947 in Thal, four miles from Graz, Austria.  Growing up in the small, isolated village he turned to bodybuilding as his ticket to a better life.  After conquering the world as the greatest bodybuilder who ever lived, he focused on Hollywood to begin a career in motion pictures.  His uniquely muscular appearance earned him several movie roles.  His first film appearance was as Hercules in Hercules in New York (1970), although his accent in the film was so thick that his lines were dubbed.  He also appeared in The Long Goodbye, and Stay Hungry, but came to the attention of national media in the documentary Pumping Iron (1977).  Schwarzenegger's breakthrough film was Conan the Barbarian (1982), and this was cemented by a sequel, Conan the Destroyer (1984).  As an actor, he is most well known as the title character of James Cameron's cyborg thriller The Terminator (1984).  A succession of over-the-top action films made him an international box office star.  By alternating violent action films with lighter, comedic fare, he has solidified his position as one of the most popular--if not the most popular--movie stars in the world.  After his long and successful movie career, he ran in the California recall and became Governor of California in 2003.  Some of Schwarzeneggers popular box office hits include Predator (1987), The Running Man (1987), Commando (1985), Total Recall (1990), Twins (1988), and True Lies (1994).  He also starred in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), and was slated to star in a possible True Lies 2 and Conan the King, but his duties as Governor of California terminated his role in the film indusrty until 2011, when after completing his term , Arnold announced that he would soon be returning to the big screen.




In November 1990, professional wrestler turned actor Jesse Ventura (born July 15, 1951) was elected to a four-year term as mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis with a population of around 56,000. Jesse served one term and did not run for a second. After his term, he purchased a small farm in nearby Maple Grove, Minnesota and moved from Brooklyn Park. In November 1998, Ventura, as a member of the Reform Party, was elected Governor of Minnesota. Ventura acted in the 1987 movie Predator, whose cast included future California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and future Kentucky Gubernatorial candidate Sonny Landham. He appeared in two episodes of Zorro filmed in Madrid, Spain, in 1991, and also had a starring role in the 1990 sci-fi movie Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe, plus supporting roles in The Running Man, Thunderground, Demolition Man, Repossessed, Ricochet, The Master of Disguise and Batman & Robin.




Mickey Rourke was born Phillip Andre Rourke, Jr., in Schenectady, New York on September 16, 1952. He is an American actor, screenwriter and retired boxer, who has appeared primarily as a leading man in action, drama, and thriller films. During the 1980s, Rourke starred in Diner, Rumble Fish, and the erotic drama 9½ Weeks, and received critical praise for his work in Barfly and Angel Heart. In 1991, Rourke, who had trained as a boxer in his early years, left acting and became a professional boxer for a period. He had supporting roles in several later films, including The Rainmaker, Buffalo '66, The Pledge, Get Carter, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and Man on Fire. In 2005, Rourke made his comeback in mainstream Hollywood circles with a lead role in Sin City, for which he won awards from the Chicago Film Critics Association, the Irish Film and Television Awards and the Online Film Critics Society. In the 2008 film The Wrestler, Rourke portrayed a past-his-prime wrestler, and garnered a 2009 Golden Globe award, a BAFTA award, and a nomination for an Academy Award. In 2010, he appeared in the blockbusters Iron Man 2 and The Expendables.




Sandahl Bergman was born on November 14, 1951 in Kansas City, Missouri.  The stunning & statuesque blonde dancer and actress first set male hearts racing as the key dancer in the sexually charged Airotica dance sequence in All That Jazz (1979).  Bergman appeared then in Xanadu (1980), before landing the role for which she is best remembered, as the never say die female warrior/thief Valeria in the Hyborean Age action of Conan The Barbarian (1982).  The nimble Bergman was a superb Valeria and her athletic figure and dancer's grace made her a lethal force against the multitude of sword wielding villains trying to stop her and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Her two other most notable performances were firstly as the evil Queen Gedren in another adaptation of a Robert E. Howard mythological story, Red Sonja (1985), with Bergman battling another tall blonde, Brigitte Nielsen.  And secondly, buddying up with ex-wrestler Roddy Piper in the weird sci-fi satire Hell Comes to Frogtown (1987), in which once again Bergman puts her fighting skills to good use as she clobbers a lot of frog creatures.  Bergman has appeared in about thirty films; however she's definitely at her best when demonstrating her athletic prowess!




Twin brothers Peter and David Paul are best known for their role in The Barbarians (1987).  The Paul’s, who acted in several other films including Double Trouble (1992), and The Road Raiders (1989), quickly became well known in the bodybuilding community for their great strength and power, as well as their rebellious barbarian attitude.  The brothers opened a local gym when they were 18 years old and latter attended The University of Rhode Island.




Kevin Sorbo was born on September 24, 1958 in Mound, Minnesota. In high school, the he excelled at football, baseball and basketball; in college, he played these 3 sports, plus hockey. Kevin was also in a number of plays. After leaving college, Kevin joined an actor’s theater group, and traveled to Europe, then to Sydney, Australia, appearing in commercials. Kevin Sorbo started his acting career in the late 1980s, making guest appearances in several television series such as 1st & Ten, MurderShe Wrote and The Commish, before landing in his breakout series “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” (1995). At 6' 3” and very muscular, Kevin was a natural for the title role. Kevin became internationally famous, and he learned the craft of film-making well enough to direct and co-write some of the episodes. Kevin even studied martial arts in order to do many of his own stunts. In real life, Kevin Sorbo’s heart is as big as Hercules'-- devoting much of his free time to “A World Fit For Kids!” which is a successful mentoring model that trains inner-city teens to use school, fitness, sports and positive role models for themselves, and then become the coaches and mentors for younger children. In 1998, Kevin married lovely actress Sam Jenkins, best known for her dual role on “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” as Serena/the Golden Hind.




Born on October 18, 1960 the boy from Belgium known as ‘‘The Muscles From Brussels’’ punched and kicked his way into film stardom in the late 1980’s and early 90’s with a string of popular action flicks including Kickboxer, Cyborg and  Timecop.  In most of his movies, he played a prizefighter, policeman, or soldier.  By the end of the 1990’s, his high-profile career had faded but he continued to star in smaller, often direct-to-video, films.  His movies have earned over $650 million worldwide, earning him a place in the action movie world along with others like Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris.  Van Damme, who was a former sparring partner of Chuck Norris, became the European Karate champion in 1979.




Dolph Lundgren was born on November 3, 1957, in Stockholm, Sweden, where he was raised as a child and later educated at the Royal Institute of Technology.  He received a master's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in 1982, and the next year was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to MIT.  In New York City he met drama coach Warren Robertson and tried his chance as an actor concentrating on action movies.  Lundgren was the European Heavyweight Karate Champion in 1980-81 and also the team leader for the United States modern pentathlon squad at the 1996 summer Olympics.  He has starred in such films as The Punisher (1989), Red Scorpion (1989), Masters of the Universe (1987) and Rocky IV.




Born on August 17, 1941 in Sardinia, Italy, Franco Columbu had an intense desire to succeed. During his youth he trained relentlessly to become a boxing champion in Italy and later turned his sights on bodybuilding where he became a legendary figure.  The best man at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wedding, Franco and Arnold have been close friends since their competitive days in Europe during the 60’s.  A practicing chiropractor in California, Franco competed in the first ever ‘‘World’s Strongest Man’’ competition (1981) where he severely dislocated his knee while carrying a refrigerator.  The scene was not edited for CBS TV and was shown several times during the broadcast to a gasping nationwide audience.  The former Mr. Olympia has appeared in several films including The Running Man (1987), The Terminator (1984), Taken Alive (1995), and Beretta’s Island (1994).




Hulk Hogan was born as Terry Gene Bollea on August 11, 1953 in Augusta, Georgia.  One of the greatest, most popular, most hated and charismatic wrestlers of all time, Hulk Hogan is one of the men who helped parlay the circus-like world of professional wrestling from a cult following into the forefront of American entertainment.  What many don't know about Hulk Hogan is he was in the sport for several years in virtual obscurity before hitting the big time.  Hogan made his pro debut in 1978 and wrestled as "Sterling Golden" before becoming "Hulk."  Hogan was getting main event matches while wrestling in the American Wrestling Alliance (AWA) in the early 1980’s before he was cast as Thunderlips in Rocky III (1982).  That bit of casting propelled Hogan into the spotlight and he was soon to enter the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1983.  Some of Hogan’s popular films include No Holds Barred (1989), Suburban Commando (1991), Thunder in Paradise (1993) and Mr. Nanny (1993).




Mr. T was born Laurence Tureaud on May 21, 1952 in the rough south-side ghetto area of Chicago.  He is the second to youngest of twelve children (he has four sisters and seven brothers) and grew up in the housing projects of Chicago.  His father left when he was 5, and his mother raised the family on $87 a month welfare in a three-room apartment.  Mr. T’s brothers encouraged him to build up his body in order to survive in the ghetto area, has commented, "If you think I'm big, you should see my brothers!"  His mother is a religious woman, who has had a strong influence on him.  He says, "Any man who don't love his momma can't be no friend of mine."  He was an average student in school.  Most of the time, he says, "I stared out the windows, just daydreaming.  I didn't study much because I have a photographic memory".  He attended Dunbar Vocational High School, was a college football star, studied martial arts, and was three times city wrestling champion!  He won a scholarship to Prairie View A&M University in Texas, but was thrown out after a year.  The back streets celebrity got his break to stardom as the hard-hitting Clubber Lang in Rocky III (1982).  He would also star on the small screen in the popular TV series The A-Team (1983), and T & T (1988).




Rachel Mclish was born on June 21, 1958 in Harlington, Texas.  Credited with bringing women’s bodybuilding into mainstream America, Rachel merits a special historical significance by virtue of her wins at the inaugural United States Championships and the first-ever Ms. Olympia.  Rachel parlayed her visual appeal into a short film career by starring in several films including Pumping Iron II: The Women (1985), Aces: Iron Eagle 3 (1992), and Ravenhawk (1995).




Best known for her role as ZAP on the hit-syndicated television show, American Gladiators, Raye Hollitt was born on April 17, 1964 in the small town of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.  Raye developed the competitive spirit by participating in sports such as softball, volleyball, hockey, basketball, track & field, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and fitness!  The discipline of being a competitive bodybuilder has helped her to obtain and succeed many goals including starring in Skin Deep (1989), Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993), and The Last Hour (1991).




Mother, wife, athlete, artist, actress, author, fitness motivator, public speaker, role model - Everson seems blessed with an abundance of talents and unlimited energy.  Her defining achievement is in bodybuilding, where she won the premier title, Ms. Olympia, six times (1984 - 1989) before moving on to become a fitness authority through books, television shows, home videos and personal appearances.  At the same time, she began an acting career that has included featured roles in movies such as Double Impact (1990), Natural Born Killers (1993), Felony (1994), and Ballistic (1994).   Cory was born on January 4, 1959, in Racine, Wisconsin, into a family devoted to both art and sports, she attended the University of Wisconsin, where she won the Big Ten pentathlon championships four years in a row.  Far less well known is Everson's love of art and design.  Cory has been drawing and painting since she was very young.  Today she works in many media, including pencil, acrylics, oil and watercolors.  She brings to her art some of the same characteristics that made her an outstanding athlete: fierce dedication, laser-like focus and a painstaking attention to detail.




Sue Price was born on March 29, 1965 and grew up in Mount Prospect, Illinois where she attended Prospect High School.  After graduation from high school, she attended Northern Illinois University, in DeKalb, Illinois, where she first began exploring her interest in bodybuilding.  After graduation, Sue returned to live briefly in Chicago's Northwest suburbs.  Later she would move to the West Coast, pursuing a bodybuilding career, marry, and find roles in the Nemesis series of sequels (1995).




Steven Frederic Seagal (born April 10, 1952) is an American action film star, producer, writer, martial artist, guitarist, and a reserve deputy sheriff. A 7th-dan black belt in Aikido, Seagal began his adult life as an Aikido instructor in Japan and eventually became the first foreigner to operate an Aikido Dojo in that country. He later moved to the Los Angeles, California, area where he made his film debut in 1988 in Above the Law. By 1991, he had starred in three successful films, and would go on to achieve greater fame in Under Siege (1992), where he played Navy SEALs counter-terrorist expert Casey Ryback. However, his image became tarnished when both On Deadly Ground (1994, which he directed) and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) did poorly in theaters. During the later half of the 90s, he starred in three more theatrical films and a direct-to-video The Patriot. Aside from Exit Wounds (2001) and Half Past Dead (2002), his career shifted almost entirely to direct-to-video films (often low budget productions and shot in Europe or Asia). Between 1998 to 2009, he appeared in a total of 22 of these. At the age of 59, he finally returned to the big screen as Torrez in the 2010 film Machete. In 2011, he was busy with the third season of his reality show Steven Seagal: Lawman.




Michael Clarke Duncan was born on December 10, 1957 in Chicago, Illinois.  He was raised by his single mother on Chicago's South Side, and grew up resisting drugs and alcohol, instead concentrating on school.  He wanted to play football in high school, but his mother wouldn't let him, fearing he would get hurt.  He then turned to acting, dreaming of becoming a famous actor.  After graduating from high school and attending community college, he worked digging ditches at ‘’Peoples Gas Company’’ in Chicago.  When he quit his job and headed to Hollywood, he landed small roles while working as a bodyguard.  Michael's role in the movie Armageddon (1998) led to his breakthrough performance in The Green Mile (1999), when his Armageddon co-star Bruce Willis suggested Michael for the part of convict John Coffey.  He landed the role, receiving critical acclaim for his performance.




‘‘The Rock’’ was born as Dwayne Douglas Johnson in Hayward, California on May 2, 1972 to Rocky and Ata Johnson. While growing up Dwayne would travel around a lot with his parents and would watch his father perform in the ring. During his high school years Dwayne began playing football and he soon received a full scholarship from the University of Miami where he had tremendous success as a football player.  In 1995 Dwayne suffered a back injury which cost him a place in the NFL.  He then signed a 3-year deal with the Canadian league but left after a year to peruse a career in wrestling.  Dwayne made his wrestling debut in the USWA under the name Flex Kavanah where he won the tag team championship with Bret Sawyer.  In 1996 Dwayne joined the WWE and became Rocky Maivia where he joined a group known as The Nation of Domination and turned heel.  Rocky eventually took over leadership of the ‘Nation’ and began taking the persona of The Rock.  In 2000 The Rock took time off from the WWE to film his appearance in The Mummy Returns (2001), and The Scorpion King (2002).  His father (Rocky Johnson) and maternal grandfather (Chief Peter Maivia) were both professional wrestlers in the WWF.




Star of the Television series, Conan: The Adventurer (1998), and a featured performer in such blockbuster films as The Scorpion King (2002) and Gladiator (2000), Ralf Moeller is renowned for his powerful physique and rugged good looks.  That is to be expected of a former Mr. Universe (1985) who was also a champion boxer and worked as a professional swimmer for seven years.  He made his English-speaking debut in Cyborg (1989).  Quickly earning roles in such films as Universal Soldier (1992), Batman & Robin (1997), and the family film Ozzie (2001).  Ralf, who was born on January 12, 1959 in Recklinghausen, Germany, currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.  He leads an active, healthy lifestyle and is a strong proponent of fitness and good nutrition.  When Ralph is not on location, he enjoys motorcycle riding, scuba diving, tennis and horseback riding.




Roland Kickinger was born on March 30, 1968, in Vienna, Austria where he spent his childhood enjoying swimming and playing soccer.  At the early age of 15 Roland decided he wanted to become a bodybuilder.  From that day on, Roland dedicated his life to becoming his very best.  While training, Roland continued schooling and graduated from college with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.  Roland went on to compete in the European National Bodybuilding Championships and won the title of Mr. Austria.  Roland, who is almost an exact clone of a younger Arnold Schwarzenegger, is also an Austrian bodybuilder-turned-actor and has the exact same accent and virtually the same voice as Schwarzenegger.  The only differences are that Kickinger is slightly taller and his body-building weight is slightly less than what Schwarzenegger's was.  Because of the similarities, its only natural that Kickinger played Schwarzenegger in the A&E Arnold biography film See Arnold Run (2005).  He also had a regular role in the popular TV series Son of the Beach (2000).




Vin Diesel (born Mark Sinclair Vincent; July 18, 1967) is an American actor, writer, director and producer. An overnight action film sensation who intrigued audiences when he seemingly emerged from nowhere in the summer of 2001. Vin Diesel actually made his first mark on the movie business as a filmmaker. His first two independent films screened at the Cannes and Sundance Film Festivals after which the hulking, clean-shaven actor was snapped up by Hollywood and transformed into a movie star with high-octane hits “The Fast and the Furious” (2001) and “XXX” (2002). Appearing in only a brief cameo in the 2005 sequel “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift,” Diesel tried to explore new territory with the sci-fi thriller “Babylon A.D.” (2008), adapted from the novel Babylon Babies by Maurice Georges Dantec. Diesel received a critical drubbing for the second-rate offering and retreated to a surefire hit territory by finally reprising his role in the fourth sequel “Fast & Furious” (2009), which reunited the cast of the original film. Unsurprisingly, the film broke box office records and reinvigorated Diesel’s reputation as an action star. Meanwhile his distinctive voice continued to be one of his most valuable assets, and he lent it to the animated film “Rockfish” (2009) and video games “The Wheelmen” and “Chronicles of Riddick.”




Hugh Michael Jackman (born October 12, 1968) is an Australian actor and producer who is involved in film, musical theatre, and television. Jackman has won international recognition for his roles in major films, notably as action/superhero, period and romance characters. He is known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men series, as well as for his leads in Kate & Leopold, Van Helsing, The Prestige, and Australia. Jackman is a singer, dancer, and actor in stage musicals, and won a Tony Award for his role in The Boy from Oz. In November 2008, Open Salon and People magazine named Jackman the sexiest man alive. A three-time host of the Tony Awards, winning an Emmy Award for one of these appearances, Jackman also hosted the 81st Academy Awards in 2009.




Statham was born on September 12, 1972, in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, the son of Eileen (née Yates) and Barry Statham, a lounge singer. Statham's life in media began when he was spotted by a talent agent specializing in athletes while training at London's Crystal Palace National Sports Center. Afterwards, he became a model for the clothing brand French Connection. Statham's big acting break came with an audition for fledgling film director Guy Ritchie. During his call-in for the role of a con artist named Bacon in Ritchie's first feature "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" (1998), Ritchie asked the untrained actor to impersonate an illegal street vendor and to convince him to buy imitation jewelry. It was a brilliant stroke of luck for Statham, who sold Ritchie four sets of the jewelry and refused to return his money at the end of the audition. "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" went on to make a sizeable splash in the U.K. as well as U.S. theaters, with critics praising the stylish and quick-witted heist film for its breakout ensemble cast - of which Statham was a standout. The tough guy went full-on villainous to play a kidnapper in the unsuccessful thriller "Cellular" (2004) before reversing his position in "The Transporter 2" (2005) where his deliveryman Frank Martin has to protect a young boy and his family from kidnappers. He re-teamed with Ritchie, this time taking the lead in the director's confusing and poorly reviewed con game "Revolver" (2005), as well as took a stab at straight drama in the likewise panned indie film "London" (2005). He followed up with a pair of starring roles in big budget American films, playing a New York City cop in the crime drama "Chaos" (2006) and helming the entertaining thriller "Crank" (2006) as a man who must keep his heart rate up to prevent a poison injected in his body from killing him. In 2008, Statham enjoyed one his biggest film successes in years with "The Bank Job," a British production loosely based on an historic London bank caper from the 1970s. The film proved what the actor was capable of when well-directed in a fresh and fun adventure.




John Felix Anthony Cena or better known as John Cena, the WWE superstar was born on April 23rd, 1977 in West Newbury, Massachusetts. When he was in college, he played football. He then continued on to be a bodybuilder and a limousine driver. The 6-foot-1 tall star weighs exactly at 240 pounds and is a very successful superstar in the WWE. WWE Studios, a division of World Wrestling Entertainment which produces and finances motion pictures, produced Cena's first movie — The Marine, which was distributed theatrically by 20th Century Fox America beginning on October 13, 2006. After ten weeks in theaters, the film grossed $18.7 million. Once the film was released on DVD, it fared better, making $30 million in rentals in the first twelve weeks. His second film, 12 Rounds, also produced by WWE Studios, was released on March 27, 2009. In 2010, Cena co-starred in his third film produced by WWE Studios, titled Legendary, which played in selected theaters for a limited time, then released on DVD that same year. Cena also starred in the children's film Fred: The Movie, a film based on Lucas Cruikshank's YouTube videos of the same name. The movie was released on the Nickelodeon channel in September 2010.




Pumping Iron (1977) is a documentary film, about the run-up to the 1975 Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition.  The film focuses on Arnold Schwarzenegger and his competitors Lou Ferrigno and Franco Columbu.  The documentary was Co-directed by Robert Fiore and George Butler.  It was based on a book written by Charles Gaines.  Pumping Iron is considered the all-time classic bodybuilding movie, documenting what is commonly referred to as "The Golden Age" of bodybuilding, a time when monstrous mass and size mattered less, and symmetry and definition of the body ruled.  The first part of the film follows the Olympia contenders, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Franco Columbu.  Ferrigno, a steelworker, is trained by his father at R&J’s, a small midtown Brooklyn gym.  Ferrigno is shown as humble while training hard in the dimly lit R&J gym, whereas beautiful women flank Arnold as he trains in the spacious, well equipped Gold's Gym, located in sunny Santa Monica, California.  Franco and Arnold also are seen weight training together outside at the iron pit, where spectators are able to watch which also contrast the conditions Ferrigno is training under.  Franco Columbu is also documented in a couple of memorable scenes where he lifts and moves a car for a neighbor, and when he blows air into a hot water bottle until it explodes entertaining a bodybuilding audience.  The documentary follows the two main bodybuilding competitions, the Mr. Universe (for amateurs) and the Mr. Olympia (for professionals), both in Pretoria, South Africa.  Though the documentary focuses mainly on Schwarzenegger, many notable bodybuilders make appearances, including Ferrigno, Columbu, Mike Mentzer, Robby Robinson, Mike Katz, Albert Beckles, Ken Waller, Frank Zane, Ed Couney and Serge Nubret, all talented champions in their own rights.  The first competition features the Mr. Universe contenders and begins with a profile of Mike Katz who is intending to win the Mr. Universe.  Competing against Katz is Ken Waller.  The two are stark contrasts of each other: where Katz is humble and unassuming, Waller is arrogant and dirty (he deliberately hides Katz's belongings at the Mr. Universe to break his focus before going on stage).  After a pose-down, Waller, due to his superior definition and proportions, eventually wins the Mr. Universe with Katz coming a distant 4th place.  It should be noted that Katz is considered by some to have had the greatest chest during his era, measuring at one point a huge 60 inches (152-cm), a feat only equaled by Lou Ferrigno.   In the Olympia contest, the under 200-pounds class is judged first with Franco Columbu being declared the winner.  The next to be judged are the three finalists from the over 200-pounds class, Ferrigno, Arnold, and Serge Nubret. Arnold is declared the winner and must go for a pose-down with Franco Columbu for the overall Olympia title.  Arnold for the 6th time is crowned Mr. Olympia; after his win he announces his retirement from competition.  The documentary ends with Ferrigno out muscling Arnold for a seat on a bus while leaving for the airport.  Throughout the documentary Schwarzenegger shows his masterful skills in working the crowds, plotting strategies for defeating multiple opponents, and inspiring legions of admirers with his resolute optimism about the future.  Larger than life, though not necessarily larger than his rivals for the Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia bodybuilding titles, Schwarzenegger still comes across, at age 28, as a consummate politician, smart, likable, and crafty about exploiting others' psychological weaknesses.  Pumping Iron was the world's first introduction to Arnold Schwarzenegger and was a major contributing factor in popularizing bodybuilding.  Franco Columbu would go on to win the Olympia the following year and eventually became a practicing chiropractor.  Lou Ferrigno also went on to much success: though he never won the Olympia title, he did find success in television, staring as the title character in the TV series The Incredible Hulk.