By Mario Strong

Our society is filled with couch potatoes that spend their evenings watching meaningless shows on their plasma TVs. We have become a nation of remote controls, joysticks, and keyboards. While some entertainment is welcome, for many it has become the only form of stimulation they receive throughout the day. I say, “It’s time to pull the plug and get motivated in becoming a better you, both physically and mentally.” By following a natural bodybuilding program, you cannot help but look better and feel stronger. Training with resistant type exercises is the best way in achieving a sculpt physique that will set you apart. As you train through the weeks, months, and years, you will find yourself becoming more confident as your attitude towards life becomes increasingly positive.

Because we are athletes, our mental attitude plays a large role in the outcome of our success. The more positive a thinker you are, the better your chances of realizing your goals. Before a bodybuilder can ever begin to plan his or her exercise routine, they must first have the proper mental attitude towards their training and life in general. Every bodybuilder should look towards their workouts with renewed enthusiasm for maximum gains. Too many men dread the thought of lifting weights and psyche themselves out even before they touch a barbell. In order for your dreams to be realized, you must learn to conquer your fears and believe that you can accomplish anything you desire.

One of the more important aspects of bodybuilding is the amount of belief a bodybuilder has in himself. You have to believe! You have to want it so bad that you can taste it. The more you believe in yourself the better your workouts are going to be and the faster you are going to realize your goals. I know some bodybuilders who believe so much in themselves that all they have to do is look in a mirror to become psyched. There is no power greater than that of a positive attitude. Believe that you can and you shall. Those who believe in themselves are a step ahead of the game. The ability to look at each new day as a glorious challenge helps create an adventurous, strong desire to achieve any goal. If you believe that each new day will be better than the last, chances are, it will be.

A positive attitude is a giant steppingstone towards success. Obviously not everyone can look in the mirror for instant motivation, but you can look at yourself and believe that one day you will reach your goals and become whatever your dreams are made of. When you workout, train with confidence. Know that one day soon your goals will be achieved. Show your muscles no mercy; bomb them with every ounce of energy you have. The more you train like a champion, the sooner you will become one. Keep believing in yourself. Don’t let negative thoughts sway you away from your dreams.

In 1952, the Reverend Norman Vincent Peale wrote the book The Power of Positive Thinking. During my high school years, I was fortunate enough to come across a copy and eagerly read its contents cover to cover. The book’s positive message played a key part in my outlook towards life. Since those early years, I have remained highly motivated, full of confidence, and ready to take on any challenge that has come my way. Look at the following questions to see how positive or negative a person you might be:

  1. Do you consistently think of yourself as a winner?
  2. Do you have positive expectations for your training and everything you do in life?
  3. Do you learn from your past successes to chart your life’s course?
  4. Do you put failures in the trash and look forward with optimism to the challenges of each new day?
  5. Do you surround yourself with positive people and ideas? Negativity will drain the blood right out of your biceps!
  6. Do you learn from your mistakes and move on? Only time stands between you and success!

Visualization techniques can also promote a positive attitude. Sometimes, while I am alone in a quiet room by myself, I will close my eyes, take a deep breath, and clear my mind. I then visualize myself succeeding at something I desire. As I focus on my goal, I add details to my thought. Gradually I add words, actions, and sensations to the image. When you have a moment, try practicing this same visualization technique. Keep your visualization handy in your mind and rehearse it from time to time. When properly used, visualization techniques can help give you a big boost in lifting steel you never imagined possible. Practice visualization often!

Believe in it and believe in yourself! Believe that you can and you will. Keep your desire burning strong; let your enthusiasm fly high and watch your motivation explode with power. The power necessary for you, the natural bodybuilder, to command your starship on its JOURNEY TO THE OLYMPIAN ZONE!



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