I am a natural for life bodybuilder! Some prefer the term physical culturist. I have never used steroids, growth hormones, diuretics, or any drug – illegal or prescribed – for the purposes of building muscle, getting ripped, or gaining strength; and I never will. In fact, I have never used drugs to get high, drank alcohol to get a buzz, or smoked cigarettes to look cool. My main reasons for bodybuilding are health and vitality. The cosmetic side of the sport is secondary to me. Sure, I like having baseball size biceps and superhuman strength. However, for me there is the bigger picture, one that is much greater and long lasting. For decades, I have poured gallons of sweat at the gym and have followed a natural bodybuilding lifestyle with several main goals in mind. Those goals are the quest of vibrant health, fitness, muscle, strength, and longevity. These are the goals I reached for since I first picked up a barbell, and they remain like a fire within my heart that still rages today as I continue on my life’s journey.

It has been many decades since my father first showed me how to lift weights. Like all new trainees, my working knowledge on the subject of weight training was very limited in those early days of my muscle-building career. Through the years, I studied and applied different theories related to physiology and nutrition and applied them to my bodybuilding regimen. Over time, it became clear that all my efforts brought valuable gains and rewards my way. Eventually, my knowledge on the subject of physical culture peaked and I began to teach others the benefits of living a natural and healthy lifestyle. I was, and remain someone who practices what he preaches. I am a representation of my practice, and I motivate others to aim toward a healthier way of life.

For years, I flirted with the idea of writing a book on the subject of natural bodybuilding but never had the focus and desire to dedicate my time to such a lofty project. That all changed in 2007 while attending John Carrero’s NGA California Physique Championships. Suddenly, a fire was ignited within me, encouraging me to put on paper what I had experienced in the sport. I had already created this popular bodybuilding Web site that is loaded with pages of entertaining and informative material, but now I felt it was time to create something more substantial. I wanted to create something a person could hold in his or her hands and look to for guidance and reference, and then share what they learned with others. I wanted to write a book about my history in the sport of bodybuilding and describe in detail some of the muscle building principles I have discovered and have found useful. I also wanted to send a message to those that believe drugs are necessary to be successful in bodybuilding. "Reflections Of A Natural Bodybuilder" is such an animal!

Through my involvement in the sport of bodybuilding, I have made many good friends as well as a few archenemies along the way. I have been a gym owner, trainer, competitor, judge, author, promoter, and just about everything else related to this wonderful sport. I have had the pleasure to workout with some of the biggest names in bodybuilding and have judged those that have judged me. I have trained thousands of students and have learned that each and every one is unique with different needs and goals to meet. I have traveled the country to participate in physique competitions and have enjoyed meeting the many faces of bodybuilding. I have learned much over the decades and have lived the very words that I preach. For the most part my memories in bodybuilding are ones that I cherish: they bring a smile to my face whenever I reflect upon them. 

As I look to what has changed over the last forty years in bodybuilding, I sometimes relish the days of true Guts and Glory, when camaraderie existed among the bodybuilders and when there was hope that our sport would one day become a recognized Olympic sport. That hope has long vanished because of the greed and egos of those unable to see the truth of their ill-gotten gains. Outside the natural bodybuilding movement, the sport has become nothing more than a sick lie. Today, the forefathers of physical culture must be turning in their graves, because the enormous anabolic cloud that has darkened the sport of bodybuilding rains with the blood of those too weak to escape its deadly grip. Some people recognize the term natural bodybuilder as describing someone who does not take steroids, growth hormones, or diuretics for the purpose of building muscle and gaining strength. In my eyes, it goes even further than that. I believe that a natural bodybuilder is one that not only shuns muscle-enhancing drugs, but also follows a lifestyle that brings him somewhat closer to nature. We are all from this earth and it is paramount that natural bodybuilders make a conscious effort to attain radiant health by means of living a healthy lifestyle through the proper application of nutrition, exercise, rest, and positive thinking. It is mostly through these basic key factors that optimum health and fitness can ever be realized.

This book is a guiding light for those seeking a healthy alternative to the anabolic scene. It has definitely been a labor of love in expressing my feelings and beliefs on paper. If one person in a thousand can understand my words then the effort has been well worth it. In this book, you will find some funny stories as well as some tragic ones about some of the experiences and people who have crossed my path in this complex sport. Not every person mentioned in this book is a natural bodybuilder. Some are friends that I have come to know through my involvement in bodybuilding, while others are mentioned as a reference. Some of the names in this book are fictitious, while others have been omitted to avoid litigations. Since I am realistic, I know that there are those who may not follow the same philosophy towards bodybuilding that I do, but nevertheless, have something positive to offer. Most importantly, we all share a great passion for the sport.

This book, Reflections of a Natural Bodybuilder, is a natural muscle building and fitness-training guide mixed with nostalgia, sport, personality, story, and humor. I have created this unique book for bodybuilders, physical culturists, athletes, and the average laymen seeking muscular development, strength, health, and longevity. In this book, two main themes prevail. One is living a healthy and long life through natural bodybuilding, and the other focuses on the dangers of drugs within the sport. It is disappointing that the latter has to be discussed in a book that is meant to be a guiding light towards health and longevity, but that is just the reality of the times. It is my hope that the knowledge and experience presented in this book enrich the reader’s life.


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By Mario Strong

The embodiment of personal responsibility, discipline, and commitment to a life built on the foundations of optimal wellbeing and impressive corporal aesthetics. Mario Strong's book, Reflections of a Natural Bodybuilder, tells the story of a man's life, his trials, disappointments and inspiring successes in the pursuit of becoming a champion in the field of bodybuilding, a sport that later had to have "Natural" preface the name to differentiate it from the drugs that came to soften its chiseled and Herculean image.

This compelling book explores how Mario Strong implements his passion for bodybuilding to achieve his quest of health, strength, and longevity. However, his path towards accomplishing these goals is seen not without obstacles as he chronicles his unique history in a sport filled with nostalgia, hope, humor, ego, deceit, pharmaceuticals, pain, and death.

Reflections of a Natural Bodybuilder also features tons of beneficial advice. From muscle-building workouts to fat-loss programs, you will find its in-depth bodybuilding guide not only informative, but also entertaining and inspirational as well. Included are detailed topics on assessing your individual genetic potential, anatomy, nutrition, recuperation, positive thinking, exercise physiology, longevity, steroids, and much, much more.  This fully illustrated book is a must read for the layman and athlete alike!


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