In the early 90's the Iron Bull came to Gold's Gym on Staten Island to perform a heavy bench press demonstration. What would have won top prize on America's Funniest Videos wasn't so funny for one of the Iron Bull's spotters. After doing several sets of benches (with spotters on both sides and rear) Jimmy gradually increased the weight to an attention getting mark. With the whole gym watching Jimmy loaded the bar to 800lbs and had three spotters ready to help him. As you'll see, the guy who spotted the Iron Bull from the rear made a big mistake when he decided to secure himself to the bar with wrist straps. To make a long story short the spotters helped Jimmy get the weight off the rack and let the bar go, and then watched in shock as the bar crashed down onto the Iron Bull. Seeing he was pinned the side spotters tried to lift the weight off of Jimmy but were unable to. The rear spotter was stuck to the bar because of the wrist straps and was than thrown forward when the side spotters (with even more help) in a desperation attempt yanked the bar towards Jimmy's legs and threw it to the floor. The rear spotter was still strapped to the bar and went flying over Jimmy as he crashed hard onto the floor. The rear spotter received a nice head gash for his assistance and was charged $10 by the Iron Bull for an autographed picture. If only I had a video camera.